How Mobile Vaani Works

Mobile Vaani is our answer to building a social media platform equivalent to Facebook/YouTube/Twitter for rural areas. We have built an intelligent IVR (interactive voice response) system that allows people to call into a number and leave a message about their community, or listen to messages left by others. Our flagship deployment in Jharkhand and Biharnow has over 100,000 monthly unique users that call over 10,000 times per day, and discuss wide ranging issues on culture, local updates and announcements, government schemes, and information sharing.

How Mobile Vaani works

The Mobile Vaani Connect network

Mobile Vaani brings together several stakeholders to engage with rural communities. here:

Use Mobile Vaani for Advertising and Market Research

The Mobile Vaani network spans 20 districts in Bihar, Jharkhand, and MP, and over 30 community radio stations in the states of Uttakhand, MP, Rajasthan, Andra Pradesh, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, and Orissa. We can help social enterprises and consumer centered companies to publicize products in remote rural areas in innovative ways, use the data generated on the network to give you market research insights, and help generate leads for your products and offerings. more ->

Mobile Vaani Social Partnership

Mobile Vaani Expansion Partnership

We are looking for social sector and civil society organization partners to raise important questions for Mobile Vaani listeners, get feedback, host a tele-discussion session, publicize issues faced by rural and marginalized communities on Facebook and more. If you are a social sector organization working in health, education, livelihoods or financial literacy, you can expand the Mobile Vaani platform to your geography. We handle the technology, you simply log-in online and moderate. Easy per-minute billing.



Mobile Vaani Media Partnership

Mobile Vaani Sponsorship

Mobile Vaani can provide media and mobile content partners with last mile extension and vox-pop feedback to any issue on any form of media, whether print, television or online. Help us by sponsoring relevant content on the Mobile Vaani network, expand the network, and raise issues, all at an extremely low cost per user (CPU).




We work with partners at different levels, starting from simply providing access to our large network, to engaging actively with partners to design an ICT intervention in their work.

Our users are SEC profiled and we can provide targeted outreach to our audience.

See how you can connect on Mobile Vaani to run social campaigns and research studies

Social Impact on Mobile Vaani: Read the Impact Stories here 

Learn more about Mobile Vaani’s flagship deployment – Jharkhand Mobile Vaani, our media portfolio, and the new website

To use our voice technologies in different ways, check out our vApp toolkit and advanced fullcircle platform here

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