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We have worked with over 150 partners and have almost 50 deployments active currently on using information and communication technologies for development (ICTD), spanning vAutomate technology users of our IVR suite, information campaigns on the Mobile Vaani voice-based social media network, Mobile Vaani partners, and community radio automation using GRINS.

These projects span several themes, including maternal health, health accountability, education accountability, child rights, land rights, women empowerment, art and culture, SHG and livelihoods, agriculture, finance, skills development, sanitation and waste management, technology for visually impaired people, current affairs, disaster relief, and others.

The best way to understand how technology can be used in your work is as follows:

1. Do you have a community you work with and want to provide them with information, collect feedback data, or build their own local media? Do you have customers you want to keep informed about updates, set up satisfaction surveys, or run helplines? One of the vAutomate suite of applications is what you need.




2. Are you passionate about an issue such as gender empowerment or rural-urban migration or sanitation, and want to inform and create behavior change among remote rural communities that are otherwise unreachable through traditional media? You should run campaigns on our Mobile Vaani network that spans over 800,000 households across 12 states.




3. Do you have a well organized network of SHGs or community media whom you think can be empowered with access to information on agriculture, education and health, and participate on a community media platform to raise their voices and demand accountability from service providers? You should partner with us to expand Mobile Vaani to your network.




4. Do you have a community radio station or are planning to set up one? Our unique GRINS (Gramin Radio Inter Networking System) platform for community radio stations can help you engage with your community much better.




Write to us at contact [AT] to discuss ideas in more detail.