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As a leader in the ICT4D space, Gram Vaani understands what it takes to really have impact with technology on the ground. With various deployments, we have been able to perfect our model harnessing online and offline community interactions for development outcomes by juxtaposing data collected from different stakeholders — communities, development agencies, government departments — helping them notice gaps in services delivery to improve efficiencies. Built on simple phones, our fullcircle for development platform allows new ways for different stakeholders to interact with each other, and have their voices define field outcomes. See how the Municipal Corporation of Delhi used Fullcircle to improve garbage collection in 18 wards of Delhi.


According to our friend, Anita Bhargava, who was closely involved in the project, “We found that, when reports are in an auditable medium, the tendency to lie is very low. With the help of this system MCD could do root cause analysis of the issues on hand and make systemic changes, rather than in a fire fighting way“. The system thus helped MCD understand what was and was not working within the organization, and fix it.

What is possible with fullcircle for development?

fullcircle for development is ideal to improve accountability and transparency in the delivery of public services, including health, education, microlending and citizen governance. Our team of technical experts and operations managers work closely with every project to understand objectives, and tailor-make solutions to fulfill project needs.

Here is just a sample of what fullcircle can enable:

  • Community Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) of projects through structured feedback
  • Regular surveying of beneficiaries and custom information delivery, for example, creating school report cards over phone
  • Rating of local service providers by community members
  • Information, Education, Communication (IEC) and demand generation for services at the community level with engaging community content delivered over voice based phone systems
  • Profiling, tracking and regular monitoring of beneficiaries through voluntary information sharing
  • Automatically enabling direct connection of beneficiaries to local stakeholders like hospitals, pharmacies, banking correspondents and others

There is much more that is possible with fullcircle for development. Mail us at contact [at]gvinternal.gramvaanidev.org and tell us a little more about your intervention, and we will share ways to involve community voices with the process.

Examples from the field
Mericity changes citizen governance interaction in Delhi

And a case study of the MCD deplpoyment

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